Dressing For Lust

Even though you may be madly in love with your partner, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the lustful part of your relationship. You most likely only began talking to each other because of the physical attraction you had for one another in the first place, so it is obvious that this element of the relationship is something that should remain for the entirety of the relationship.

But many couples fall into the trap of getting too comfortable with each other, leaving them to dress down rather than dress up when they are around their loved ones. Think about it – when you were first on the dating scene, you probably wore your best outfits to make you look sexy, or distinguished, or well-off, all in order to stand out to potential mates, including your current boyfriend or girlfriend. Yet now, when you are around that very same man or woman for whom you put so much effort in to attract, you dress in sweatpants and oversized t-shirts.

This is especially true on days when you spend most of the day inside the comfort of your own place, since you have even less of an incentive to dress up for other people in public, let alone for your own partner.

While being comfortable with your partner is obviously good in that they can love you even at your worst, it doesn’t mean that it has to become the standard for how you dress around one another. This can actually make the relationship go south, and rather quickly.

By not dressing up to a certain standard, you make yourself look like you don’t care about not only the other person, but also about your own physical appearance, both of which are turn offs to the other person.

In addition, dressing down to often can actually lead you to change other aspects of your life, including your diet and exercise routines, which can ultimately end with you actually physically becoming less attractive beyond the clothes you wear.

Now, this is all a simple fix – just dress your best, even when you are alone with your partner. Don’t forget about the initial physical spark that drew you two together, and keep in mind that rekindling that spark can be as simple as wearing a tight pair of jeans or a nice dress shirt around the house if you are a man, or wearing a skimpy skirt or other sexy outfit if you are a woman.

These small changes can even lead to more sex if both of you put in an effort to showing that the physical attraction is still important in the relationship. But even if it doesn’t, by dressing for lust you and your partner will keep the relationship from going south simply because of what the two of you are wearing. In a world it takes a full effort by both parties to make relationships work, it is important not to forget the importance and significance of physical attraction, for which dressing for lust plays a huge role.