Avoiding A Stale Marriage Over Time

In an ideal world, if you are married, that means that you have a great life and you are totally happy in all aspects of said life. You have a loving partner who supports you emotionally in everything you do, and the two of you are taking the ups and downs of life as they come, together as a team.

However, the real world isn’t always like that, and to be frank, is quite often not like that when it comes to married couples. Yes at first, you may feel like everything is perfect for you and your spouse, but in reality, things can go downhill rather quickly.

Just like any relationship, marriages can go stale over time. But when you are married, it is your job to stay married and to make the marriage work for the rest of your lives. But just how do you keep your marriage from becoming stale, especially when you have been married for decades in some cases?

Well to start, have sex! Although some argue that your spouse maintains a totally unique emotional connection with you, that may not necessarily be the case if you have particularly close family and friends that you can rely on. However, there is no argument that your spouse is the only person that you can have sex with. So take advantage of it. By having sex with your spouse, you not only show them that you care about them, but that they have a special place in your heart, simply due to the fact that you cannot have sex with anyone else but you, and you are taking full advantage of it.

On top of that, spend time with each other just asking about each other’s days. It may seem simple on the surface, but doing this is a great way to re-establish the emotional connection that drew you the two of you together in the first place. And it also reinforces the fact that you actually care about each other, so much so that you are willing to listen about something that happened on your way to get coffee in the morning, or whatever the case may be.

Another thing that you should do is to simply go on dates again! After you’ve been married for years on end, it is not hard to imagine that you have replaced your typical date nights, with a night at home eating dinner, watching TV and going to bed early for work the next day. Now some couples can definitely turn this “night in” into a date night of sorts, but take the extra effort to go out and do a more stereotypical date night with your loved one.

All of these ideas may seem relatively small on the surface, but the fact is that they take a concerted effort to make happen. And making that effort is precisely what reinvigorates your marriage, more so than the actions themselves. So just show your spouse how much effort you are putting in to make the marriage work on a daily basis and you will easily find yourself in a naturally loving marriage that lasts a lifetime!